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Anthony E. Rawls Anthony E. Rawls
E-Mail: aer@san-marinconstruction.com

Anthony E. Rawls has over 36 years experience in commercial real property development. During this time, he has worked in leasing management, property management and construction management as well as starting and managing his own businesses.

In 1968, Anthony started a small plumbing company and developed it into a profitable business which he sold in 1972.

From 1972 to 1979, Anthony worked as a field office property manager for the Tishman Corporation and GSA, managing projects for both companies throughout California.

trading floor desksAnthony worked as a construction project manager for Bank of America from 1979 to 1985. He successfully completed projects up to $35 million, and was responsible for writing funding models for project managers to use in approving projects such as a 250-desk trading floor and a 14-floor tenant improvement in a new building.

From 1985 to the present, Anthony has worked as a manager of marketing to develop a small electrical company and then San-Marin Construction, a general construction company. He currently manages the corporation as the CFO of San-Marin, as well as working as a projects manager. He is responsible for establishing corporate goals, business development and maintaining San-Marin's business practices. Since 1987, San-Marin has successfully completed over 1,500 projects in 50 California municipalities for such clients as Kraft Foods and Hewlett Packard.

This wide range of experience is invaluable in anticipating and understanding client needs and in providing the required services to satisfy those needs.

Terri L. Craib Terri Lee Craib
Corporate Secretary
E-Mail: tlc@san-marinconstruction.com

Terri Craib has over 20 years experience in the construction industry, including construction management, corporate business administration and corporate real estate administration. She holds a Construction Management Program Certificate from San Francisco State University Extended Education.

From 1975 to 1987, Terri worked on the administrative team of Bank of America's multi-million dollar construction / real estate division, Corporate Real Estate. She assisted in the planning of branch bank sites, prepared construction schedules, reports and budgets, and worked on-site and as an assistant to the project controller in tracking a $40 million budget for the San Francisco Data Center.

In 1988, Terri began working as an assistant project manager at Metropolitan Electrical Construction, Inc. Here, Terri began her hands-on experience with contract management, preparing construction budgets and schedules, monitoring project payments and assisting in obtaining construction permits.

Terri has been with San-Marin Construction since it was licensed in 1989. As a construction manager, Terri has managed projects up to $4.5 million from inception to completion, preparing project budgets, schedules, tracking job costs, obtaining permits, and working closely with owners and sub-contractors. Terri works directly for the CFO in the administration and operation of San-Marin Construction as the Corporate Secretary.

Terri's extensive experience both in the office and in the field gives her an understanding of construction management from top to bottom.


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